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Butterfly Valves

Product Image (D371X/H, D341X/H)

Double eccentric butterfly valves

Dual eccentric butterfly valves include wafer type and flanged type, rubber sealing or metal sealing with different operation methods.

Product Image (D41XH)

Dust gas butterfly valves

opening moment is small, flexible and convenient, and labor-saving and energy-saving are realized.

Product Image (DL41X)

Three-bar cut-off butterfly valve

The lever cutting butterfly valve has the advantages of small structure size and light weight. The valve plate has a period of opening and closing translation process relative to the valve body at the moment of valve opening and closing, and the friction free operation can ensure the sealing performance of the sealing surface for a long time

Product Image (LD41 LD43W)

Regulating butterfly valves

Regulating valve has straight disc type and inclined disc type

Product Image (hydraulic (model: LD749W), electric (model: LD949W))

Snort valve

The valve is composed of butterfly valve and piston valve

Product Image (D41LH)

Blast Furnace Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Used in blast furnace gas pipelines for regulating and cutting off