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Check Valves

Product Image (H77X-10 H77X-16)

Wafer Butterfly Check Valve

Check valve is an automatic valve, its main function is to prevent media backflow, prevent pump and drive motor reversal, as well as container medium discharge

Product Image (HL77X-10 HL77X-16)

Lift Check Valve

Lift check valve can be applied to water, steam, gas, lifting stainless steel check valve can choose corrosive medium, food, oil, medicine and so on

Product Image (HD47X-10 HD47X-16 HD47X-25)

Counter Weight Butterfly Check Valve

Butterfly type check valve with counter weight

Product Image (HQ77X)

Swing rubber flap check valve

mainly used in water supply and drainage system

Product Image (H42X-10 H42X-16 H42X-25 )

Mute check valve

mainly used for water supply, drainage, fire fighting, HVAC system, can be installed at the outlet of the pump to prevent medium backflow and water hammer damage to the pump

Product Image (HD47X-10 HD47X-16 HD47X-25 )

Butterfly Buffer Check Valve

mainly used for preventing the backflow of the medium, preventing the pump and the driving motor from reversing, and discharging the container medium

Product Image (JD745X )

Multi-function hydraulic control valve

mainly installed in the water supply and drainage, building, petroleum, chemical, gas, natural gas, food, medicine, power station, nuclear power and other fields of water taking, water supply, clean water, sewage, pump house and petrochemical fluid conveying system, The outlet or other piping system connected to the pump is used as the control

Product Image (JD845X)

Multifunctional water pump control valve

The product is used on the water pump outlet pipe of high-rise building water supply system and other water supply system to prevent and reduce the water hammer water hammer of the pipeline when the water pump is on and off, to prevent the water from flowing back to the water pump and to maintain the pipeline safety

Product Image ( HY741X)

Slow closed check valve

The slow-closing check valve is an intelligent valve which is installed at the water pump outlet of high-rise building water supply system and other water supply system to prevent backflow of medium

Product Image (JY741X)

Emergency shutoff valve

used in parallel water supply systems in firefighting waters in residential areas

Product Image ( HD47X-10 HD47X-16 HD47X-25 )

Micro resistance slow closed check valve

drainage channel of the medium such as clear water, sewage, sea water