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Blind Plate Valves

Blind Plate Valves are highly robust industrial grade plumbing units that help to completely restrict the flow of fluids through the pipelines in which they are installed. They are commonly used in industrial sectors such as chemical, petrochemical, wastewater treatment, and many more to shut off the liquid present within the flow lines during repairing process. They are provided with a centrally hinged plate with a flat plate and a hollow section that can be moved with the help of a geared mechanism to open or close the flow channels. Get these heavy duty valves from us as per your demands at a reasonable price range. 
Product Image (F9T43CX)

Electric Sector Blind Plate Valve

high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance and long service life

Product Image (F243CX)

Electro-hydraulic Slide Plate Goggle Valve

small size, light weight, convenient operation, novel structure and reliable performance of cutting off gas

Product Image (F343CX)

Worm Gear Operated Sector Blind Plate Valve

sector blind plate valve/ Fan blind plate valve

Product Image (F643CX)

Pneumatic Fan Shape Blind Plate Valve

Pneumatic sector blind plate valve has clamping, loosening cylinder and plate cylinder. Clamping, loosening cylinder drives left valve body and right valve body to achieve loosening, clamping action through lead lever pair and screw pair and plate cylinder drives valve plate to complete switch action

Product Image (F743CX)

Hydraulic sector blind plate valve

high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, convenient replacement and long service life