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Product Image (FS46Y-0.2C)

FS46Y-0.2C Gas Release Valve

compact structure, flexible mechanism, good neutral and sealing performance

Product Image ( FS948W-2.5C)

Electric butterfly release/bleeding valve

The valve is equipped with release branch pipe, which is suitable for the cold air core air pipe of blast furnace hot blast furnace system.

Product Image (FS69W-2C)

FS69W-2C Gas Release Valve

simple structure, flexible opening and closing, good sealing performance, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation

Product Image (FS46WX)

FS46WX Gas Release Valve

discharging the blast furnace and the gas, and can also be used for discharging the flue gas

Product Image (P42Y-1C )

Hydraulic Straight Stroke Pressure Relief Valve

cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of countercurrent, steady pressure, shunt or overflow relief

Product Image (FS48WFS948W)

Butterfly Release Valve

consists of valve body, butterfly plate, connecting rod, muffler, exhaust cylinder and other components

Product Image (P41W-1C)

Exhaust gas valve

manual angle type cut-off valve type

Product Image (LS744X)

Non-Counterweight Top Bleeding Valve

used in blast furnace iron making, including valve body, valve cover and driving device

Product Image (LP745Y/X)

Pressure Equalizing And Bleeding Valve

Suitable for blast furnace top pressure equalizing system, used as furnace top gas pressure equalizing valve