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Ventilation Control Valve Series

Product Image ( D41W )

Handle ventilation butterfly valve

made of steel plate welding, which has the characteristics of short structure size, light weight, convenient installation

Product Image (D641W-1C)

Electric Regulating Ventilation Butterfly Valve

novel structure which is welded with a middle-line disc plate and a short-structure steel plate, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, convenient installation, small flow resistance, large flow volume, and avoids the influence of high-temperature expansion, and is light in operation

Product Image (D241W)

Hydraulic Ventilation Butterfly Valve

working pressure of the valve can range from 0.0013mpa to 1000mpa, and the working temperature ranges from-269C to 1430 .

Product Image ( D341W-1C)

Manual ventilation butterfly valve

design is novel, reasonable, and unique in structure, light in weight and quick in opening and closing

Product Image (D341W-1C)

Round electric (gas, hand) ventilation butterfly valve

adopts high quality alloy steel welding with small volume, light weight, wear resistance, long life, small resistance, large flow section and flexible opening and closing.

Product Image (W321)

Electronic ventilated butterfly valve

dopts unique structural design and is welded with steel plate. The valve is simple in structure, light in weight, beautiful in appearance, long in length, small in resistance coefficient and large in flow capacity.

Product Image (DF341W)

Manual rectangular ventilation valve

welding with high quality alloy steel

Product Image (D641H)

Electric regulating shutoff butterfly valve

unique structural design, which is made of steel plate welding

Product Image (D945W-0.5C)

Electric (manual) fan regulating louver valve

The valve has many blades, low noise, and light weight, small operating torque, and large flow capacity

Product Image (DKJD945W-1)

Manual rectangular louver valve

reliable equipment for regulating and opening and closing air, flue gas, dust gas and combustible gas.