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Water Supply Valves

Product Image (Ds341X)

Double Eccentric Flanged Telescopic Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric flange butterfly valve and telescopic function as one, installation and maintenance is very convenient

Product Image (BXZ-F )

Stainless Steel Gate

stainless steel welding and forming, and the rubber elastic sealing

Product Image (D371X)

Central lined wafer soft seal butterfly valve

Conventional butterfly valve between two pipe flanges in short distance

Product Image ( D941X )

Sandproof flange butterfly valve

Double eccentric flange butterfly valve

Product Image (D371X )

Manual wafer Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

Central lined, wafer type, rubber seated

Product Image (DLZ)

Laminated beam gate

simple structure, light self-weight, small lifting force and convenient to carry,

Product Image (DS341X)

Manual flanged butterfly valve

simple structure, small volume and light weight

Product Image (D941-10/16)

Central lined dual platen butterfly valve

Double pressure plate structure, sealing ring is not easy to tear, can extend the service life of valve

Product Image (D341SH-2.5/25)

Bidirectional Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

Double eccentric , bi-direction, metal sealing

Product Image (PGZ-F )

Square cast-iron copper-embedded gate

cast-iron-inlaid square gate and the cast-iron-inlaid round gate according to the outline structure, the cast-iron-inlaid copper-square gate a

Product Image (PXZ-Y )

Round cast iron copper-embedded gate

simple structure, good sealing performance